Steps to Becoming an Electrician

Steps to Becoming an Electrician

Steps to Becoming an Electrician

If you're not clear on what you're doing, electrical work can be difficult and dangerous. This makes it essential to have extensive experience and training working with a licensed electrician before being professionally licensed. Our expert electricians in Orlando, FL, offer the following steps to becoming a licensed electrician.

Be sure it is the career you want.

Before becoming an electrician, it is crucial to research what the job entails thoroughly. It would be highly disappointing to spend numerous years working towards the goal of becoming an electrician to discover later that you don't actually like what you're doing. So instead, spend time talking to practicing electricians and ask them if you're able to shadow them to ensure that this job is something you expect to enjoy for many years.

Make sure you have the qualifications.

There are qualifications to become an electrician, even beginning your career journey. The basic qualifications for becoming a certified electrician include:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Having a GED or high school diploma.
  • Being in good physical health.
  • Having reliable transportation to get to job sites and school.
  • The ability to work in a group and independently.
  • The ability to follow instructions closely.

There may be other requirements you have to meet before starting your journey to become an electrician depending on your state of residence.

Apply for apprenticeship training or trade school.

The next step to being a certified electrician is applying for training. The two available training and options include an apprenticeship or trade school. Trade school involves attending classes on campus. In addition, you will be required to participate in labs that train you and teach you hands-on skills. This option is perfect for students who best learn in a classroom setting from experienced teachers alongside peers and instructors. If you choose to attend trade school to become an electrician, it is always essential to ensure the school you are selecting is approved by your state requirements.

You can also choose to be an electrical apprentice, which still requires attending classes for a three to four-year period. It can't be challenging to be accepted into apprenticeships because the programs require a combination of work experience and training that can take years to complete.

Study for your test.

Once you've completed your apprenticeship or state-approved trade school program, you will be required to study the National Code for Electricians to take your test and be licensed. Many trade schools provide education in the National Code while attending classes, so you start studying requirements for your licensing test even before you graduate. Some students take the test immediately following trade school completion but still require verifiable work experience to receive a license.

Licensure requirements.

After studying for your test, you should be able to take and pass your state's electrical exam. Once you are licensed, you can do electrician work without supervision. Though it takes time and effort to get your electrician's license, an electrical career can be an excellent choice for many types of people.

Contact us today if you need the services of electricians in Orlando, FL. We have the skills and expertise to handle any electrical job you need to have completed.

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