Using Technology for Energy Efficiency

Using Technology for Energy Efficiency

Using Technology for Energy Efficiency

If your house still has incandescent bulbs, an aged HVAC unit, outdated appliances, or you leave lights and devices on when you aren't using them, there may be assistance on the horizon.

It might not come as a shock to you that researchers estimate that Americans waste over 60 percent of the power in the US. So imagine if you could slash your electric bill by more than 60 percent! Although this statistic incorporates the energy lost by every sector of society, homes and businesses are sites within our authority. Our electricians in Winter Park, FL, offer these tips and natural changes that may help you discover ways to trim energy costs.

Efficiency efficient appliances [Energy Star]

Though we currently have a superabundance of choices when it comes to purchasing electrical appliances or tools, we have to take care to select the efficiency of a certain product over the aesthetic and less critical qualities. Energy Star has been a standard to evaluate energy-efficient supplies for over two decades; therefore, it would make tremendous sense to value the appropriate product rating. Of course, the high initial cost is also an inconvenience here. But the payback time frame of the energy savings because of more elevated efficiency is only two years, which confirms it is hands down a great choice to make if you can afford the expense.

Changing to LEDs

Now might be the time to swap if you still utilize conventional incandescent bulbs for your lighting purposes. The fluorescent and LED technology advancements have caused the high energy-consuming bulbs to be a less appealing alternative. On a broad scale, LED and other recent technologies have a more elevated cost ratio, which is only because of the narrowly elevated initial acquisition price. Compared to an LED, an incandescent bulb is subjected to six times more watt use per hour. As a result, the average life of an average LED lighting system would be nearly 25,000 hours compared to the nominal 1000 – 1200 hour lifespan of an incandescent bulb. CFLs are also a feasible option with their efficiency close to that of LED bulbs, but due to the continued surprising decrease of LED costs, they are now the go-to product for lighting systems.

Smarter Homes

Most of the energy wasted in our homes is due to lack of supervision, i.e., all the time, we forget to turn a light or an appliance off. However, this is no longer a problem because of cutting-edge growth in the home automation field. Innovative home technologies could save you thousands of dollars in the future, even though they would cost you more than traditional methods initially.

These just skim the surface of the expansions in energy efficiency. For example, smart home integration with solar panels and heaters lowers the average daily energy usage for lighting and heating by half. In addition, insulating your house with regularly maintained central heat minimizes temperature-dependent wastefulness. These actions will help you protect our resources and environment and boost the atmosphere of your home.

These are just some of the ways that technology is becoming more energy efficient. Contact us today if you need support from electricians in Winter Park, FL. We are here for you.

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