Why Are My Lightbulbs Burning Out So Fast?

Why Are My Lightbulbs Burning Out So Fast?

Why Are My Lightbulbs Burning Out So Fast?

While lightbulbs are not built to last forever, you should also not feel like you are constantly switching out your lightbulbs because they are burnt out. When you notice that you are always switching out your lightbulbs, you may have other electrical problems at play. Our electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL often detect larger electrical problems that can cause homeowners to burn through their lightbulbs faster than they should.

Before we move on, it is important to understand that all lightbulbs are different, and they do not all have the same longevity.  Here are the most common types of lightbulbs and how long they should typically run:

  • LED lightbulbs – run for an average 25,000 hours
  • CFL lightbulbs – run for about 10,000 hours
  • Incandescant lightbulbs – run for only 1,000 hours

When you understand the types of bulbs you have in your home and how often you should plan to switch them out, you can then start to look at reasons why they might be burning out sooner than thehy should be.

Switch Overuse

One of the most common reasons your lightbulbs are burning out is because you are constantly flipping the switch. While we are accustomed to turning off the lights when we exit a room, we do not need to be flipping to switch to meet the beat of our favorite song or give signals to our neighbors. Often times, this occurs when small children are in the house, and it can lead to shorter lightbulb lifespans.

Lightbulb Vibration

Fixtures are not meant to be shaken or vibrated often. When this occurs, the lightbulb can suffer small damages in the filaments inside the bulb, and this can cause it to burn out quicker than expected. For example, ceiling fans or mounted fixtures on the lower level of the home may suffer from more vibrations since people walk on their floors above them and ceiling fans rattle frequently. DO not be surprised if these lightbulbs need to be replaced more than lights in other fixtures.

Wrong Voltage

We admit that the lightbulb section inside the home improvement store can be overwhelming. There are many choices, styles, types, and voltages to choose from, and this can cause many homeowners to choose the wrong voltage for their fixtures. This problem is also true when it comes to the types of fixtures you use in your home. When you plug a lamp into a higher voltage outlet, it can cause the lightbulb to burn brighter, which will decrease its lifespan.

Tight or Loose Bulbs

Make sure that your lightbulbs are screwed into their sockets securely to create a proper connection. If your bulb is too loose, it can cause problems like poor connection that can damage those delicate filaments. If the bulb is too tight, it can actually melt the solder at the bottom of the lightbulb, causing it to break.

These are a few reasons why your lightbulbs may need to be replaced more frequently than they should. Lightbulbs are not cheap, so you want to make sure that you correct these issues and keep lightbulbs working properly and safely in your home.

If you need the help of professional electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL to evaluate the electric in your home, trust the experts at Spectrum Electric. Contact us to get on our schedule today!

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