4 Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lightbulbs

4 Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lightbulbs

4 Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lightbulbs

Many households have been looking for ways to save money on their electric bills. With a few simple changes, you can easily start saving money on your electricity bills. One of the best ways to save money while also helping the environment is to swap out all your lightbulbs for LED lightbulbs. As electricians in Apopka, FL, we help our customers make the best choices for their home and lifestyle. LED lightbulbs have many

Reduces Energy Usage

Did you know that LED lightbulbs use 75% less energy than other types of lightbulbs on the market? Not only does this significantly reduce the energy bills in your household, but it also works to reduce your carbon footprint. When you want to make the most eco-friendly choice for your lifestyle, you should always opt for LED lightbulbs to reduce the emissions into the world around you.

Saves Money

While LED lightbulbs will cost more upfront, they can save you money over time. This initial investment is worthwhile when you are looking for long-term ways to save. If you are skeptical about changing out lightbulbs throughout your entire house, or the budget does not allow for this, start with some of the most used lights in your home. You will quickly notice that your bills lower over time as you continue to swap out incandescent or CFL lightbulbs with LED options.

Last Longer

Are you tired of noticing burnt or fading lightbulbs in your home? Many people do not know that when you opt for LED lighting, you will not have to worry about this task for many years. LED lightbulbs will last up to 23 years when they are used roughly three hours per day. This is roughly four times the lifespan of other types of CFL bulbs, and this is over twelve times the lifespan of the commonly used incandescent bulbs.

Increased Focus and Productivity

Many people in office spaces, whether at home or at a facility, complain about the dim lighting from fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Dim lighting can result in eye strain or decreased productivity, as it can be more difficult to focus on a task when the lighting is poor. However, LED lighting is designed to mimic natural lighting, brightening up any space and resulting in increased productivity.  Many office spaces will focus on configurations, furniture arrangements, and employee incentives to increase workplace efficiency, but it can be as simple as switching out the bulbs.

By switching out LED lightbulbs in your home or office space, you can not only save money on your electric bills while also reducing the energy output leaving your building. If you are looking for help with your electricity, talk to our electricians in Apopka, FL. Contact Spectrum Electric Inc to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals today.

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