5 Signs You Have an Electrical Emergency

5 Signs You Have an Electrical Emergency

5 Signs You Have an Electrical Emergency

Are you concerned with whether your electrical issues require immediate resolution? As a homeowner, you want to know what types of issues to notice when it comes to your electricity, as certain signs need to be addressed immediately. Most homeowners, however, cannot tell whether their electrical issues require immediate attention or not. As professional electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL, we are here to educate you on when you need to call for immediate electrical assistance.  These are a few common signs that you have an electrical emergency on your hands.

You smell burning.

One of the most obvious signs of an emergency is when you smell burning. Burnt or burning wires have a specific odor of metal or plastic. This smell is often not confused with anything else, which is optimal for quick detection and resolution. When you smell burning wires, you want to immediately turn off the electricity in your home to prevent any further issues. You should also immediately contact an emergency electrician to come to your home, inspect the issue, and resolve it quickly.

Your electrical outlet is smoking.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. When you notice any smoke coming from your outlets or your appliances, you need to immediately cut off the power in your home. You should also immediately call an electrician to come to your home as soon as possible. Smoke in your electrical system can indicate danger, so be cognizant of where your loved ones are, and take the time to ensure they are safe.

You hear buzzing from your beaker box.

A buzzing beaker box is another electrical issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Typically, when your circuit is overloaded, it will trip to prevent issues from building up and becoming an emergency. However, if your beaker box is not working properly, it will start to make a buzzing noise. This indicates a faulty electrical issue that needs to be addressed by an emergency electrician.

Your lights go out immediately.

Although power outages occur in the community, you should be alarmed when you are the only home that suffers a power outage. If your lights go out, look out the window to see if your neighbors are affected. If you are the only home with no power, you may have malfunction, overheating electrical system, or overloaded system. If the system is completely dead after trying to reset the breakers, you need to contact an electrician to determine the problem.

You have an overheated service panel.

When you notice an issue with your electrical system, you likely immediately go to your service panel to check it out yourself. If you feel an overheated panel, you should be concerned. It takes a rather large electrical load to overheat the panel itself, so you should immediately cut the power off in your home and contact an electrician for evaluation and repair.

When you notice any of these issues, you should call for immediate electrical assistance. This can save your home from excessive electrical damage, fire, electrocution, or other issues. If you are looking for reliable electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL that also provides emergency service calls, trust the team at Spectrum Electric Inc.

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