How to Safely Use Your Extension Cords at Home

How to Safely Use Your Extension Cords at Home

How to Safely Use Your Extension Cords at Home


Extension cords are an essential part of everyday life. Whether you need to plug in multiple devices or appliances in a room, an extension cord can get you the extra juice you need. Although extension cords allow you to stay connected, they should also be used with caution since they can pose several risks if not handled correctly. In this guide, we'll share how to use your extension cords safely.


1. Choose the Right Extension Cord

Before you start using an extension cord, it is essential to make sure that you choose the right one. Look for an extension cord that matches the power rating of the devices you plan on using it with. Avoid overloading extension cords with a lot of electrical devices or appliances, as it can cause overheating, and lead to electrical fires.

2. Keep Your Extension Cord Safe

Always keep your extension cords away from heat, water, and direct sunlight. Exposure to these elements can cause damag,e which increases the risk of electrical shock or fire. Make sure that your extension cord is not running under any furniture or covering that may trap it or cause it to overheat. Similarly, you must protect your extension cord from the feet of people walking to avoid any tripping hazard.

3. Regular Checks

Always check your extension cords regularly to ascertain if they show any signs of wear and tear. If the cord is frayed, with a damaged plug or socket, it is vital to get it replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, it's crucial to inspect it for any discoloration or overheating.

4. Do Not Overload

Another way to avoid electrical hazards is to avoid overloading your extension cord. In general, only one device or appliance should be plugged into the extension cord at once. That said, to safely use multiple devices, invest in a strip-style surge protector that meets your needs.

5. Proper Storage

Proper storage after use is also essential. Coil the cord around your hands in a figure-8 pattern since it reduces twist, knots or kinks, and takes up less space than a simple coiled design. When storing, do not forget to place it in a safe, dry place, away from where it can be stepped on or crushed.



In conclusion, extension cords play a crucial role in our day to day lives. Proper handling and use of these cords will help ensure your family's safety and prevent accidents. Choose and use the right extension cords, store them correctly and check them regularly. If you need assistance in ensuring your home's electrical safety, such as electricians in Apopka, FL, contact Spectrum Electric today and schedule an appointment. Remember, safety should always come first.

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