The Summer Struggle & Your Electrical System

The Summer Struggle & Your Electrical System

The Summer Struggle & Your Electrical System

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it's also a time when your electrical system can struggle to keep up with the increased demand. Between the hot weather, increased air conditioning usage, and outdoor activities like pool pumps and lighting, your electrical system can become overworked and even dangerous without proper maintenance. Don't let an electrical issue ruin your summer fun, keep reading to learn what to watch out for and how to keep your home safe and powered all season long.

Hot Weather

Hot weather can cause serious problems for your electrical system. Wires that are exposed to direct sunlight can become overheated, causing shorts and other issues. Additionally, increased demand for electricity to run air conditioning units can put a strain on your electrical system. To prevent these issues, make sure your electrical system is properly insulated and that your AC unit is working as efficiently as possible. Schedule regular maintenance with a qualified electrician to ensure all your systems are running smoothly and release the load on your electrical system when you can such as by using fans and natural ventilation rather than always relying on AC.

Outdoor Equipment

During the summer months, many people spend more time outside. Whether you're using your pool pump or lighting up the backyard for evening parties, your outdoor electrical equipment can be a strain on your system. Make sure all of your outdoor equipment is properly installed and grounded to prevent dangerous electrical surges. Always use high-quality equipment with safety features that can prevent accidents.

Increased Electrical Usage

With kids home from school and long summer days, it's common for homeowners to have increased electrical usage during the summer. Between gaming systems, tablets, and other electronics, your home's electrical system can easily become overworked, especially when combined with other factors like hot weather and outdoor equipment usage. Be mindful of how many devices are plugged in at one time and consider upgrading your home's wiring if you're experiencing breakers being tripped with increased summer usage.



The summer months can be tough on your home's electrical system. By knowing what to watch out for and how to keep your home safe and powered, you can enjoy summer fun without worrying about costly electrical issues or a safety danger. Remember that safety comes first, and don't hesitate to call a licensed electrician if you ever need help. If you're in need of professional electrical services in Apopka, FL, contact Spectrum Electric to schedule an appointment today. Don't let an electrical problem ruin your summer fun—for you and your whole family.

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