Electrical Service Size Evaluation and Upgrade

Electrical Service Size Evaluation

At Spectrum Electric, we believe that fixing electrical problems is much easier and much less expensive when the electrical system in your office, warehouse, or multi-family residence is regularly maintained by a trained professional. Often, it is also beneficial to fix problems before they occur and potentially damage unrelated systems, equipment, or structures. Many times, electrical problems lurk hidden for years before they finally cause a failure, resulting in unnecessary electrical service interruption and costly repairs. Additionally, regular maintenance and service will ensure that your electrical systems are operating optimally, saving you money on utility expenditures.

That's why we've created our special maintenance plans for commercial customers. Our service and maintenance plans are specifically tailored to your needs, and are carried out on a similarly custom-tailored schedule according to your requirements. Our fees are every bit as flexible, allowing you to purchase an agreement and pay on a quarterly or yearly basis. When one considers the costs associated with hiring an electrician on individual service calls, it's usually easy to justify a regular service agreement, with its associated reduction in labor charges.

Some of the signs pointing to a lack of sufficient amperage include:

Lights flickering
Breakers regularly tripping
Insufficient number of electrical outlets, or outlets having only two prongs

Additionally, if you live in an older home, and you’re planning on adding or replacing any electrical devices, such as a hot tub or a new air conditioner, an electrical service size evaluation is a must.

At Spectrum Electric, our electrical service size evaluation will determine whether or not your service size is adequate for the devices in use in your home, and will assess your system for the capacity to handle future device replacements and additions. In addition, we are an electrical service in Central Florida who will accurately determine your current service size and provide you with recommendations on possible upgrades to panels, wiring, etc.

Our upgrade service typically includes the following:

Removal of all existing electrical equipment, including service panel(s), meter panel(s), ground(s), etc.
Installation of all new equipment from one of our trusted manufacturing partners
Ground and bond according to electrical code, including new ground wire and new 8’ grounding rod
New service panel(s) with at least 30 circuit breaker positions, allowing for accommodating existing needs as well as providing for future growth
New breaker installation and labeling

Should we determine that service not included in the above is required to complete the upgrade, such as replacing any portion of the home’s electrical wiring, we’ll give you 10% off labor charges when you hire us to fix anything we find. It’s another way we say “thank you” for choosing us as your power service in Central Florida.

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