Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical Safety Inspections

At Spectrum Electric, your safety is our priority. There are many hidden hazards throughout the home and office which, if gone unchecked, can result in the risk of electrical shock and fire. In addition to the risks associated with the wonderful technology we call electricity, there are other reasons that an electrical safety inspection is a good idea. They are often called for by insurance agencies and, as an added benefit, a properly functioning electrical system in the home or office will help to reduce unnecessary utility expenditures.

As part of our electrical safety inspection service, Spectrum Electric will send qualified electrical technicians to your residence or place of business. We will thoroughly examine all electrical systems for safety and optimal performance, and will provide detailed recommendations aimed at resolving any issues we find.

A Spectrum Electric electrical safety inspection includes, but is not limited to:

Checking the wattage of all light bulbs in all fixtures to ensure that all bulbs are of the appropriate wattage for the fixtures
Checking outlets to ensure that there are no loose-fitting plugs
Checking wall plates to ensure that there are no cracks or breaks
Checking grounding systems for proper resistance
Evaluating existing surge protection systems, and recommending systems where none exist
Testing smoke detectors and evaluating number of detectors and placement
Checking heating and A/C systems for proper operation
Checking electrical panels and circuit breakers for appropriate labeling, amperage, and operation
Checking all outdoor electrical systems for operation and safety

In general, our electrical safety inspection can be completed within a couple of hours for a residence. Times to complete vary for businesses, based on the size of the business and the complexity of its electrical systems.

When you choose to have an electrical safety inspection performed by Spectrum Electric, we'll give you 10% off labor charges when you hire us to fix anything we find. It's another way we say "thank you" for choosing us for all your electrical needs.

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